Keynote Speaker and Coach: Customer Experience + Leadership.

Selected for TEDWomen 2018. Former Head of Experience @ TEDx San Francisco. Now, a New Yorker.

Rationally Optimistic. Appropriately Abrasive. Explorer of all 7 continents and yes, Antarctica is chilly.  Will be the first person to win a game of Uno from space.



People are my craft. Listening, architecting, measuring, actioning, and speaking about the science of customer experience and leadership have been my expertise for 15+ years.



The difference between a good speaker and a great speaker? A deep curiosity about the audience and an understanding that they, not the speaker, are the center of the story, insights, and calls-to-action.



Exceptional leaders know how to connect the seemingly unconnected. I'm one of those. Reach out and let me know how I can help connect you with your objectives.